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Nature, landscape photographer Mark Burke, established Discover Photography in 2001. Banff, Canmore, the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast have been his primary focus since graduating from SAIT polytechnic in 1988.  While specializing in landscape, nature and architectural photography, Mark also has a wide array of abstract, wildlife and lifestyle photos for sale.  Fine art prints, stock photos for advertising, images for websites and marketing materials are all for sale at reasonable prices.
A professionally-trained photographer specializing in nature photography, Mark focuses on landscape images of the Canadian Rockies, Canada's West Coast and Vancouver Island.  He also provides the real estate, resort and golf course industries with one-stop photography services.
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young grizzly bear, Banff National Park
Architecture, Landscapes, Lifestyle and Wildlife Photography
Calgary-based Discover Photography offers stock images for sale of some of Western Canada's most iconic scenery. We also provide professional custom photo services for the real estate industry featuring show home interior photography, exterior project photos, and model/lifestyle images as well. Calgary drone photography will be available in the fall of 2016 - primarily serving the real estate sector.