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Alberta photographer, Mark Burke, Owner of Discover Photography and Admen, The Digital Advertising Agency.

Calgary-based photographer Mark Burke focuses on Western Canada's most iconic scenery, wildlife and nature settings. Roaming Banff National Park, Canmore's Rocky Mountains, Alberta and BC's mountain parks, lakes, rivers and meadows, Mark has been capturing fine art images of Western Canada's breathtaking natural landscapes and its incredible array of wildlife since graduating from SAIT polytechnic in 1988. 
Mark's professional intention is to remain an unobtrusive observer and to never disturb natural settings or wildlife. His view is likened to that of a steward while trekking through the majestic Canadian Rockies, Canada's West Coast and Vancouver Island.  Mark is a conscientious photographer who wishes that everyone who visits the National and Provincial Parks would respect and preserve them in every way possible.
Being a photographer is Mark's true, lifelong passion.  He hopes that his photos place the viewer into the photographs while conjuring up the same sensations he has while capturing each moment in time.  His dream is to simply leave a legacy for his children to enjoy and to hopefully see them pass his work along as they have children of their own.
Mark is also the owner of  Admen, a Calgary advertising agency, which specializes in serving Alberta and BC's real estate and resort industries with full service marketing and advertising creative design.  An expert web designer and skilled graphic designer, Mark has marketed dozens of real estate projects including multi-family residential, resort real estate and lake properties across Alberta and British Columbia.  His first business, iCatcher Design, has been an integral part in successfully marketing over 750 million dollars of premium real estate across Western Canada over the past two decades.
Fine Art Prints and Advertising Images
Fine art prints, photos for marketing and advertising purposes are all available by contacting the photographer directly via or by calling 403.688.1612.  Price lists and image usage requirements are available upon request.